If you have a Telegram group dedicated to cryptocurrencies or you are an influencer in the industry, you can connect our trading bot to your group for free. This allows members of your group to trade with the assistance of signals directly within your channel, saving them time and effort. Users can follow the signals or connect automatically if they don't have the time to manage it independently; in this case, a commission will only be applied to the generated profits. Additionally, as an administrator, you will earn a portion of these profits for user management. Furthermore, we will ensure that the connection is available only to users who follow you on your official social media accounts, helping to increase your social media influence. Contact us for further details and to start this advantageous collaboration that will enhance your group and cryptocurrency community.

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How does it work?

The trading bot currently operates on Bybit Derivatives and uses 2 currency pairs (with the possibility of adding more in the future): BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT. The bot does not use the Martingale strategy as it is considered risky and only operates in long positions. The bot's risk management involves using 45% of the capital in each currency pair with a leverage of 4. However, it's important to note that profits in different pairs will not occur simultaneously.

The bot operates by opening a position with 4x leverage in the selected currency pair and immediately sets the take profit and stop loss. The entry is dynamically calculated using Bollinger Bands and the RSI indicator, and the stop loss is set at 3%. After opening the position, the bot will stop if it reaches the stop loss or take profit, which are also dynamically calculated using Bollinger Bands and RSI. It's not necessary to explicitly specify the stop loss and take profit levels as the bot will close the position when it reaches the exit price. However, in cases of low liquidity or significant price fluctuations, a closure may occur at a price lower than the calculated stop loss. Users seeking greater security can manually set the stop loss at 3%.

Here are some results from historical simulation without leverage.

The bot recorded its highest monthly drawdown in 2021 at 6.31%, in 2022 at 8.73%, and in 2023 at 3.29%. It ended the year in 2021 with a profit of 78.14%, in 2022 with 86.27%, and in 2023 with 66.69%.

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The communities that offer our bot to their users are official media partners. We only grant the bot to prominent Telegram channels and groups. The bot is completely free!

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