Create Your Free Trading Bot

Create your own strategy or indicator on TradingView. Automate your strategy. Our team will assist you in programming and deliver the completed bot so that you can trade automatically.

How will you benefit?

Creating your own bot can help you trade automatically. You can develop an automated strategy that allows you to enter long and short positions when your strategy indicates an entry signal. Alternatively, you can create an indicator that assists you in manual trading by alerting you when the conditions for a long or short entry are met.

Scan every 30 seconds
Process automation
Emotion-free trading
Controlled risk

How do i create it?


Write Your Strategy

Describe how many indicators you will use and how they will work: Entry, Stoploss, Takeprofit.


Strategy Analysis

We will analyze your strategy, and if it is good, we can create it for you free of charge.


Free Code Delivery

We will deliver the code to you for free, while retaining the possibility of using it for our future bot.


Optional Optimization

We could also optimize your strategy for a fee, aiming to increase the profit percentage and reduce the drawdown.

Strategy Request

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