Bybit Trading Bull Bot

Trading Bull Bot. The bot that only goes upwards! It's not just a slogan, our bot operates exclusively in long positions on all cryptocurrencies.

We have chosen to make our bot available exclusively to prominent businesses and crypto communities without requiring any upfront payment. If you represent a company and wish to offer this service to your clients, you are in the right place. We have selected Bybit, a centralized exchange ranked third among the world's best exchanges. Your funds will always remain in your account, and you won't have to pay anything to start using our bot. We are so confident in the results our bot delivers that we will only apply a commission on the profits it has generated.

No Upfront Payment!

We have chosen Athena DexFi as our exclusive partner for the use of our bot on Bybit, a decentralized project that provides us with support in community management and sponsorships. We firmly believe that Athena DexFi can significantly contribute to positioning our bot as the preferred solution for both large companies and large crypto communities. Our goal is to realize the dream of bringing our bots into a decentralized environment, and that's why we have chosen to collaborate with a partner diligently working in this field. The Trading Bull Bot is a high-quality and sophisticated product, reserved exclusively for businesses and crypto community managers. To access this powerful trading solution, it is necessary to establish a partnership with our team.

Official Partnership

What we’re good at?

Bull Bot Trading embodies the qualities of a profitable trading bot. With precision and speed, we analyze markets and execute trades swiftly, capturing favorable opportunities. Our robust risk management, adaptability to market conditions, and commitment to security and transparency make Bull Bot Trading a reliable choice for profitable trading.

Accuracy in analyzing markets and making decisions.

Bull Bot Trading have a high level of accuracy in analyzing market data and making trading decisions. It is able to identify profitable opportunities and execute trades with precision.

Speed in executing trades to capture favorable opportunities.

Bull Bot Trading is able to react quickly to market movements and execute trades in a timely manner. Speed is crucial in capturing favorable price fluctuations and minimizing the impact of market volatility.

Effective risk management to protect capital.

Bull Bot Trading incorporates robust risk management strategies. It has features to set stop-loss orders, take-profit levels, and manage position sizes effectively. Proper risk management helps protect capital and mitigate potential losses.

Flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions.

The ability to adapt to changing market conditions is important for a profitable trading bot. Bull Bot Trading is capable of adjusting its strategies and parameters based on different market scenarios to optimize trading performance.

Continuous monitoring for timely action.

Bull Trading Bot is able to monitor market conditions 24/7, even when the user is not actively engaged. This ensures that it can identify and capitalize on profitable opportunities as they arise.

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How do we operate?


Scan every 30 seconds

We search every 30 seconds for the coins placed to meet the conditions for an entry


We find the coin

Once we find the coin, we enter and immediately set the stop loss at 3% to control the risk.


Profit or loss

Our bot never increases and will only exit when the take profit or stop loss at 3% is hit


Bot analysis

Our team analyzes the bot and discards all strategies that have a win rate lower than 67%.

How will you benefit?

The use of Bull Bot Trading provides users with significant advantages. It saves time and effort through automated monitoring and analysis. The speed and accuracy of the bot capture profitable opportunities while minimizing losses. It operates 24/7, maximizing trading potential. Ultimately, this bot allows users to invest without the need to constantly monitor positions

Only long positions
Scan every 30 seconds
Process automation
Emotion-free trading
Controlled risk

How does it work?

The trading bot currently operates on Bybit Derivatives and uses 2 currency pairs (with the possibility of adding more in the future): BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT. The bot does not use the Martingale strategy as it is considered risky and only operates in long positions. The bot's risk management involves using 45% of the capital in each currency pair with a leverage of 4. However, it's important to note that profits in different pairs will not occur simultaneously.

The bot operates by opening a position with 4x leverage in the selected currency pair and immediately sets the take profit and stop loss. The entry is dynamically calculated using Bollinger Bands and the RSI indicator, and the stop loss is set at 3%. After opening the position, the bot will stop if it reaches the stop loss or take profit, which are also dynamically calculated using Bollinger Bands and RSI. It's not necessary to explicitly specify the stop loss and take profit levels as the bot will close the position when it reaches the exit price. However, in cases of low liquidity or significant price fluctuations, a closure may occur at a price lower than the calculated stop loss. Users seeking greater security can manually set the stop loss at 3%.

Here are some results from historical simulation without leverage.

The bot recorded its highest monthly drawdown in 2021 at 6.31%, in 2022 at 8.73%, and in 2023 at 3.29%. It ended the year in 2021 with a profit of 78.14%, in 2022 with 86.27%, and in 2023 with 66.69%.

You can see the full history HERE

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